Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shakeology Cleanse

So I have been experimenting with this 3-day Shakeology cleanse which Traci Morrow (my coach's coach) sent my husband a little while back. Here's just a little breakdown of what the cleanse is all about - feel free to email me (mazzmlani [at] hotmail [dot] com) for the full program (For more info on Shakeology, check out what I've written about it HERE) :


The basics are as follows:

3 SHAKEOLOGY Shakes a day
2 Cups of Green Tea a day
1 piece of fruit a day
1 salad for dinner
Only white grilled protein in salad (chicken or fish) NO
dairy or extra sugars
Only Low Fat dressings.


Like I said, I am just starting to experiment with it: I did a partial version of it last week for three days and then today is the second day of another somewhat modified version of it that I am doing. Here a few things I have noticed:

>More Energy. Some combination of eating less, yet getting more actual nutrition has gotten my energy level way up.

>Better Mood. While I can be pretty high strung, and can definitely switch to grumpy on a dime (!) I actually feel a better mood bubbling up underneath it all. It's hard to explain but I actually feel a little giddy.

> More Regularity. With the different sleeping and eating patterns inherent to traveling overseas on a frequent basis, I tend to have digestive issues. Constipation and bloating are a constant in my life. I found that doing the cleanse
(even modified versions of it) after this last trip helped to restore my digestive function much faster than my previous experiences; in a matter of days.

>Reduced Sugar Cravings. Believe it or not, I just don't crave sugar that much anymore. And even when I have it, I don't feel like I'm getting my fix anymore. In fact, it's not something I actually *need* to have anymore. Even more surprising: I think I actually don't really even *like* it that much! This is pretty astonishing to me actually.

So that's really it for now. I'll be continuing this particular fast that I'm on right now for today and tomorrow. One thing I will say: definitely PLAN for your cleanse if you would like to do it to a tee. While it's a very simple one, it still poses some challenges if you're like me - either traveling a lot, or your work is also mixed in with your play (I'm a musician so the line is constantly blurry!). Another thing to note is that if you're doing any sort of intense power workout, you'll want to try and get a few extra calories in. There are healthy ways to do that without sabotaging the cleanse. Again - just pop me an email if you're interested in trying it out. I can forward you the full information on the cleanse!

That's it for now.

Enjoy your day!

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