Get Fit


I have always been interested in physical fitness. About six years ago I embarked on a committed journey to get my black belt in HapKiDo. During the course of pursuing that goal I learned a lot; that I can get what I want as long as I am willing to work hard for it. I learned that the more you work, the more you realize you're worth it. And then that, in turn, can inspire you to work even harder!

So in May of 2009 I fulfilled that particular dream. But I found that even though I was in GREAT physical fitness, I still didn't have the SHAPE of body that I wanted.

During that time I spent a lot of time on the road with my band Brazz Tree. To keep fit I visited hotel and neighborhood gyms all across America! And at night, I watched a lot of late-night television.

This was when I discovered the P90X infomercial. It really appealed to me because the exercises actually looked challenging. There were no claims of wait loss while you just sit around and do nothing. The people in the commercial were talking about true transformation. Hard work = Great Results. It got me excited.

My husband and I began our first round of P90X in February of this year (2010) and finished on May 7th.

I have lost inches around my waist, thighs and butt, while also gaining muscle and definition on my arms. The definition I see in my legs makes me particularly happy because I'm what they call a pear shape, so the lower half of my body is particularly difficult to define!

I am now in my second round of P90X, utilizing the P90X plus dvds, and am enjoying this road to the next level of great results!!!

If you would like to do what I did to get great results, CLICK HERE and join in the fun!

Also, please feel free to contact me at mazzmlani [at] hotmail [dot] com with any questions you may have!